Missouri Second Injury Fund

Second injury funds are state-run programs that were initially intended to encourage employers to hire returning veterans who might have pre-existing disabilities. The idea was that if an already handicapped worker became injured on the job, the employer and insurance company would be liable only for the cost of the most recent injury. The fund does not apply just to veterans, however, but to all workers with previous injuries who experience a second workplace injury or illness.


How The Second Injury Fund Helps

Sometimes it’s not a single injury that causes a disability, but rather the combined effect of a previous injury with a new one. Workers’ compensation, in this case, would pay an employee only for the most recent injury. The Missouri Second Injury Fund, then, would pay the difference between the cost of the total disability and whatever workers’ compensation paid for the latest partial injury.

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What Second Injury Funds Cover

Second injury fund money fills in the gaps when workers’ compensation fails to cover the full extent of an employee’s injuries. The scope of the fund pays for various expenses, including:

It can be difficult to sort out all the programs, claims processes, and follow-up steps required to get compensated fully for a work-related injury. Our approachable, knowledgeable team of workers’ compensation attorneys can help you get all the aid you deserve so you can focus on recovery.


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